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An analysis of the similarities between major commercial portals.

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 Today: Tuesday, December 15, 1998

Created by Brad Neuberg via original. 2 comments, 1 clone. 
Last updated on Mon 12/14/1998. Created on 12/9/1998

 User:   Brad Neuberg

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Why do portals all look alike?
By Brad Neuberg

Hello and welcome to OpenPortal!

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Comment 2 added by Anthony Gumbs* on Mon 12/14/1998

Please start early! You cannot use any late days for the final project.

Please read Shneiderman Chapter 15 carefully. You may also wish to look at some of the cited references.

While you do not have to read or write files as part of this project, you may find yourself getting bored looking so much at the same single dataset. You may also discover that this dataset does not show off some of what you have done as well as other data. Therefore, you are welcome to either implement a self-describing data file format and let the user specify datasets at runtime, or to simply include multiple hardwired data sets in your program. (Again, note that the emphasis here is on the user interface, not parsing.)



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