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Brad Neuberg


I am a Senior Software Engineer on the Machine Learning team at Dropbox. Most recently I built a production OCR pipeline using deep learning and computer vision for millions of users at Dropbox using TensorFlow.

Before Dropbox I founded Inkling Habitat, a scalable publishing environment for interactive content, used by the largest publishers in the world. I grew the team to more than twenty engineers; helped scale production of interactive eBooks two orders of magnitude; built Habitat from nothing to millions in revenue; and provided product direction with others.

I also created coworking, an international grassroots movement to establish a new kind of workspace for the self-employed.

Previous to Inkling I was a Software Engineer at Google on the Google Docs and social teams. I also helped put HTML5 on the map while at Google. I have a history of pushing web browsers in new directions, and created a number of open source libraries and frameworks for expanding the capabilities of web applications; I had the first libraries for Ajax history management, client-side storage, and offline web applications, for example, all of which fed into the creation of HTML5. I also worked with Douglas Engelbart, the inventor of the computer mouse and hypertext, on the HyperScope project; explored deeply collaborative web browsers with Paper Airplane; worked on one of the first web-based RSS aggregators; and worked as a consultant on the first iteration of the Internet Archive's Open Library project.