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Tuesday, November 13, 2001

On Stage, a Day in the Life of an Idiosyncratic Physicist "[Richard] Feynman's personality is so strong that if he was played by a three-foot-high dwarf of the opposite sex, you would still think it was Feynman up there."

On Stage, a Day in the Life of an Idiosyncratic Physicist "Everything is interesting if you look at it deeply enough. There is no trivial question," he said.

On Stage, a Day in the Life of an Idiosyncratic Physicist "With the opening Sunday of the play "QED," starring Alan Alda as the physicist, the Feynman legend, already burnished by a spate of books and biographies, has taken another quantum leap." - Man I love Alan Alda, as well as Richard Feynman; I wish I was in New York to see this!

Business 2.0 - Web Article - Tapping an Untapped Market "For instance, about a third of all children in India suffer from an iodine deficiency, despite a salt-rich diet. This is because Indians add salt as they cook instead of sprinkling it on afterward, so the iodine vaporizes during the cooking process. Taking a high-tech approach to this low-tech problem, Unilever developed salt that holds on to the iodine at high temperatures and releases it once ingested." - Thats just so cool.

Lonely Planet theme guides - history "Despite the highly visible scars of war, Sarajevo is today a town that bursts with energy. Even so, a stroll along Sarajevo's Miljacka River can be sobering, given the obvious destruction that so recently took place here. Walk long enough and you'll be depressed enough to handle what you'll find on the wall of the one-room City Museum: A plaque, probably attached to the wall (it gets stolen from time to time), commemorates an event that will never be forgotten. On this corner, WWI began." - Wow, what a bizarre thing that must be to read. I wish I could steal this sign!

Here's another strange terrorist attack by a guerrilla group, this time one named the Emanuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front (FPMR), a Communist leftist group active in Chile: terrorist profiles - master file "In November 1990 an FPMR/D bomb concealed in a softball bat killed a Canadian and injured a US Embassy officer ."

I've been reading about Marxist history, and alot about guerrilla Marxist groups around the world, when I stumbled upon this bizarre terrorist group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) : terrorist profiles - master file "Claims to have specialized in suicide operations. Has carried out numerous cross-border terrorist attacks into
Israel, using unusual means, such as hot-air balloons and motorized hang gliders."

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