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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Illegal Hyperlinks

This is an illegal hyperlink. Go ahead, click it; I know you want to. It's safe for work.

Worthwhile Magazine: Purpose, Passion, Profit

This sounds like a great magazine, called Worthwhile; I can't wait till it comes out:

"Work isn't about rushing around being the cool guy, it isn't about how tough you are and how many zillion hours you work, it's not just about profits and IPOs -- it's about more. It's about heart. It's about being human at work. It's about people helping people every day. About companies helping the people they work with and helping the people who work for them, as well as helping people they will never ever know by making responsible corporate decisions.....

It was especially obvious that young men wanted to work in a way that mattered, doing things that helped people in the world, doing work that allowed them to have time for friends and family. Anita and I noticed that in many ways they were demanding workplace changes which women had been thinking about for years. It was so exciting to see. Of course, Kevin knew all about it, he was living it.

Maybe what I have been seeking in my life is part of a zeitgeist and not just my own needs? This is how I am trying to structure my life.

[via Ross Mayfield]

Possibilities for Life on Venus

There is an interesting article on Astrobio on the possibilities of life on Venus:

"The clouds [on Venus], after all, do contain water, mixed in with concentrated sulfuric acid. This is highly speculative, but I think it is possible that life could exist, even today, in the clouds of Venus. We now know that life exists in clouds on Earth, and also that some terrestrial organisms can thrive in extremely acidic environments. Furthermore, the clouds of Venus are a much more stable and continuous niche than the comparatively ephemeral and wispy clouds of Earth."

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