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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ray Checks Out The Coworking Space

Today Ray Baxter is joining us in the coworking space; Ray is a unique cat, a biologist, software engineer, and triathelete all rolled together. He is working on a cool project, named Facts Collector, that is a reputation-based data collection system. Check out Ray's weblog, Yesterday's Thoughts, where he reflects on family life, business, culture, software, and triathlons.

Guise: Java Web Framework for AJAX Applications

Garret Wilson, a reader of this blog, recently sent me an email telling me about an interesting AJAX/DHTML framework he released a few weeks ago. It supports dynamic updates through AJAX, a rich set of components, and drag-and-drop capabilities. It is a server-side framework written in Java, allowing you to model your business logic and UI using Java without having to touch JavaScript. Check it out; it's called Guise. He has some good demos up as well:

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