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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Decentralized Software Radio and TV

Three very interesting opinion pieces/weblog entries from others on what is going on with distributed TV and radio:

This stuff is pretty amazing.

Flash O' The Day

Flash O' The Day:

mod_bt - Making things better for seeders.

mod_bt - Making things better for seeders.: "mod_bt is a BitTorrent tracker for the Apache webserver. It is written in C and runs as an Apache 2.x module. It is possible for mod_perl or PHP to directly access the tracker's information; no need to download and bdecode scrape URLs. The tracker is fully configured from within Apache's own configuration file."

WikiWiki Improvements

Wow, this is a trip. It's some sort of brainstorming session on how to improve WikiWiki's. Lots of cool ideas in here:

There is also a fascinating discussion on standardizing WikiWiki's and making them more powerful here. An excerpt:

One key problem that we identified was the wiki syntax - both from a learning curve point of view and from a wiki tool lock-in perspective. It would be really nice if we could define a unified inport/export syntax that tools can use, either to PUT data to a wiki, or to migrate data from one wiki to another.

Inflatable Space Outposts: Cash Down on High Hopes

Inflatable Space Outposts: Cash Down on High Hopes: "With company facilities spread out across some 50 acres here in North Las Vegas, Bigelow Aerospace is bankrolling big-time the private development of large space habitats. Extensive work is underway in designing and building partial and full-scale inflatable modules, fabricated to serve a range of users, from bio-tech firms and educational institutions to other groups wanting to churn out made-in-microgravity products."

Note that this is owned by Robert Bigelow, who is the owner of the Budget Suites of America Hotel Chain. The X-Prize, SpaceX, now Bigelow's involved; is heating up!

A Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure Based On Social Networking

My friend Kevin Burton has posted a fascinating blog entry on building a distributed public key distribution network on top of FOAF technologies.

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