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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Coworking in Philly

The coworking train keeps rolling on:

dangerouslyawesome: "Weekends lose a bit of luster when you work at home.": "Enter coworking. Coffee shop culture, bohemian creativity, and migrant some of the structure and collaboration of an office-like setting. It's beautiful, really. Not only are you paying for a space at a desk (rather than paying for overpriced coffee with the hopes of having one of the comfy chairs by the window), but you're paying for exposure, you're paying for opportunity, you're paying for networking."


The Space Review: Space and the end of the future

Fascinating article on how the past used to view the future, especially around space flight but pulling in lots of other things that make you think:

The Space Review: Space and the end of the future: "To cite just the most egregious example, had the minimum wage only kept up with inflation from the 1960s and 1970s on, it would be in the $10 an hour range today. Had it kept up with economic growth, too, it would be near $15 an hour. No one imagines that such an increase is politically possible today."

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