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Friday, November 16, 2001

How MS Settlement Was Reached The department promised in its 1995 settlement that it would "end Microsoft's unlawful practices that restrain trade and perpetuate its monopoly power." Yet as Sporkin [the U.S. Judge who reviewed the settlement] rejected it, he complained that, "simply telling a defendant to go forth and sin no more does little or nothing to address the unfair advantage it has already gained." Man, the new settlement against Microsoft is like a slap on the wrist and a steak dinner; it will do nothing to stop Microsoft. It's as bad as what Nixon did to ITT in the 70's: nothing. It was revealed that ITT 'paid him off' to his group to relect the president, and he basicly dismissed them with a slap to the wrist. There are similar rumours floating around the DOJ-Microsoft settlement; that Microsoft called key persons in the DOJ the day before the settlement. I hope someone does some investigative journalism on this.

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