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Saturday, November 24, 2001

Javalobby - Discussion View [Threaded] "Version 0.0.7 of GNU Trove, a high-performance implementation of the java.util Collections api, has been released at SourceForge. Their benchmark results suggest that this is potentially very significant work, improving performance by as much as 500% and using about half the memory of the standard Java implementations. Trove is released under the LGPL, and the homepage says a simple "sed" script can switch back and forth between Trove and JDK implementations."

I wonder if, on average, more of the world doesn't wear underwear than wears underwear? Is Humanity a non-underwear wearing species, on the whole? These are the kinds of thoughts I get in the morning when I wake up; they represent my brain booting up and getting ready to begin more serious thinking.

Here's some pictures of my neighbors:

It's 11:30 AM here; I'm heading out to go eat lunch, work on my project, and study my thai. Adios!

The Register "Microsoft has a long-history of trying to derail Bluetooth, either in the SIG's standards committee, or in public. For very good, selfish reasons; as a network of interoperable Bluetooth devices shifts the centre of gravity for electronic transactions away from the cumbersome desktop PC, and into your hand, forever. And if you had a desktop PC monopoly, you'd be doing your best to kill Bluetooth, too."

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