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Monday, August 15, 2005

Responses to Paper Airplane in the Blogosphere

Boris Mann, over at Bryght, has a great blog post on my project Paper Airplane, entitled "Paper Airplane: People, collaboration, and usability are first class citizens:"

"OK, Brad, you got me.

Paper Airplane Logo

Brad Neuberg left a drive by comment on a slightly older post of mine, with a little blurb about Paper Airplane. I like the single-sentence abstract, followed by three questions that start the introduction:

This paper describes a radical new vision of the World Wide Web and browsers that deeply embed collaboration and editing.

What if community and editing were a central and transparent part of the web and browsers?

What if the web was extremely integrated for usability, with instant messaging, site creation, the web server, and more all integrated into one whole?

What would this web look like if despite being integrated it was massively decentralized on a peer-to-peer network, able to exist and run without businesses or governments?

The whole paper, and the capabilities it describes, is worth a read."

Read more of Boris's comments.

Responses to Coworking in the Blogosphere

Some responses to coworking in the blogosphere:

The Law of Averages: "Mike pointed out that I'm not the only one who doesn't love working from home - well, the isolation part of it, at least. Brad Neuberg has started a Coworking effort in San Francisco. Described as "Community for Developers Who Work From Home", Brad focuses more on things like group meditation and yoga than I would choose to, but it sounds a lot like something I'd like. I'm curious to see how it progresses."

Open Source JavaScript Compressor Released

[via Ajaxian]

Alex Russell and the Dojo folks have released their very excellent JavaScript compressor. It can fit easily into Ant and the build process for any large-scale AJAX application. Running a tool like this can drastically improve page load performance, especially since it combines all the JavaScript files into one file, reducing having to fetch seperate JavaScript resource files.

Morning Ramblings

Good morning! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. These are my Morning Ramblings, inspired by Dave's Morning Coffee Notes.

I just got here to work. I'm sitting in the beautiful Spiral Muse house, a non-profit located in Noe Valley at 22nd and Guerrero, in San Francisco near Dolores Park. This is the second week of something I am creating called coworking. Coworking is a way for people who work for themselves from home or coffee shops to come together for community and structure. It's best for programmers and writers and those from laptops. We all come together twice a week for a full work day in the Spiral Muse house, doing our own work but supporting each other from 9 AM to 5:45 PM. Since this is an alternative office, in the afternoon we do a different 45 minute activity, such as yoga or meditation. Feel free to drop by for free or for a small donation! Email me if you are interested.

Last week I sent off a proposal for a new article series on AJAX to the O'Reilly Network, so I'm crossing my fingers it works out! I'm going to write the article this week, titled "Real World AJAX: How to Design an AJAX Application."

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