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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Found an interesting P2P news site called Slyck, "File Sharing News and Info".

Peer-to-Peer Security for the WWW. The httpsy YURL scheme provides decentralized authentication for the WWW: This specification defines a mechanism for identifying and authenticating an HTTP server based on the hash of a public key, instead of a certificate from a certificate authority.

The Deconstructulator: This is a deconstructed Nintendo emulator that shows how sprites and sprite memory are handled while a game is being played. The intent is to show insight for how software and hardware work, given the relatively simple example of a minimal architecture from an old game console system.

The Mars Society, Robert Zubrin's Mars-advocacy organization, has posted their response to Bush's space-program ideas. Robert Zubrin and the Mars Society have some of the most original and down-to-earth ideas I've seen in a long time to jump start our space program.

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