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Sunday, September 21, 2003

"20 years ago back in in 1983 there was a GUI platform and office package for IBM PCs called Visi On from VisiCorp. Legend has it Bill Gates saw a demo of this running at the 1982 comdex running on an IBM PC. He freaked out because Microsoft didn't have anything like this yet, ran back to Microsoft Headquarters, and had them start work on what, several years later, became Windows." See more.

Screenshots of Windows 1.0 and 2.0!

"Up through Windows version 3.11 there was this special tool called “Heapwalker” (a.k.a. Luke Heapwalker) that allowed programmers to look at the way Windows had organized the computer’s memory (called the “heap”). Heapwalker always showed this one memory segment called “Burgermaster.” For years people wondered what this really meant. Finally the software engineer who put it in there fessed up: the contents of the segment itself were so uninteresting that he had had a hard time coming up with a name for it. For lack of anything better, he christened it after the drive-in hamburger joint that he could see out his window. When the story finally broke, a photograph of the restaurant’s distinctive sign, which exists to this day, appeared on the front cover of Microsoft Systems Journal." From Mystic Microsoft.

This is bizarre: "A fawning 1938 article by Homes & Gardens magazine about Hitler's Bavarian mountain retreat remains widely available on the Web, even after the discoverer and original poster of the article took it off his site when the magazine demanded its removal."

This is a trip: "I was employed by Microsoft in various capacities for about eight and a half years, from March, 1988 to November, 1996. Somewhere between these two points in time, my life underwent a somewhat drastic spiritual transformation. At the beginning of 1988 I was a young college sophomore whose burgeoning dreams were wholly centered on worldly success. At the end of 1996, on the other hand, I was a (still young) Microsoft retiree whose ambitions and aspirations were now wholly centered on God."

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