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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Mind of Hitler

I ran across this crazy video tonight: it turns out that American soldiers seized a bunch of private videos of Hitler, filmed by his mistress Eva Braun. It turns out these are the only videos we have of Hitler's private life, as opposed to when he was on stage madly yelling, so they could be important for history to understand Hitler's mindset and motivations. They were silent, though, until a team of expert lip readers and some special software were put together recently to figure out what Hitler is talking about in these videos. These are very strange videos, with Hitler playing with babies and little dogs, strangely chilling in their mediocrity. Watch it.

Doing Windows COM Programming in C

I just ran across a fabulously written article on doing Windows COM programming in C. It is very clear and well written, and by exploring how to do COM in C it gives you a much better understanding of what COM is and the magic going on under the covers. Read it here: "COM in plain C".

Shane O'Sullivan Creates a Dojo Storage Provider for Internet Explorer

Shane O'Sullivan emailed me this morning with a Dojo Storage provider using Internet Explorer's 64K proprietary client-side persistence mechanism! Expect to see this integrated into Dojo Storage in the next few weeks. See more details on Shane's blog. Thanks Shane!

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