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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Found a crazy site thanks to Bram Cohen's weblog; its called Clickmaze, and its a huge slew of Java-applet based mazes.

Someone created something he calls a do-hyki, similar to a Wiki: "A simple (wiki-like) collaborative note-taking application for small groups, which uses Groove, and runs in a Web browser. This should be of interest as an example of what you can do with Groove Web Services (and developers will just love the crinkly code). You might even find it useful." Here's a screenshot of what this app looks like. Similar to what I'm trying to do with Paper Airplane

Found an interesting blog that just covers Groove.

Herbivore: "What is Herbivore? A peer-to-peer, self-organizing anonymous communication system that is resilient to subversion. Herbivore conceals the identity of communicating parties, ensuring that eavesdroppers with unlimited wiretapping abilities cannot determine the source or destination of a message."

Wikipedia has an entry for JXTA.

Vjekoslav Nesek's Weblog: " I concurr with your feelings on JXTA. When it was first released I downloaded it and was very dissapointed with the API, it runs against everything Java stands for. The beauty of AWT and many other java API's is how simple it is! You only care about what you want to do, what you don't care about you don't have to deal with. JXTA makes u have have to know about loads of things you don't care about. Also I've never had much luck making JXTA actually work, whenever a new relase of JXTA comes out, I download it and try it out and always end up dissapointed. JXTA is a great idea with terrible execution. If only JXTA had been implemented as beautifully as JINI everyone would be using it! "

P2P and JXTA woes: "For some time Iíve been working on a project that will involve a P2P sharing of content. All I really want to do is to lookup some peers in the network and share some bytes without having to worry about NATs and such. Googling has revealed only two P2P libraries that could be usable for me; JXTA and gnutella implementation from com.limeware. Iíve quickly gave up on later since it is GPL licensed and this is commercial project. JXTA, what can I sayÖ It is big. It looks like it could do the work. It is strange. JXTA people speak some strange abstract language that is really hard for me to understand. There is net, world, boot, std, platform and generic peer groups that differ in some subtle ways. To make it more fun, peer groups arenít REAL (what ever that means) all you have is Advertisement, which also has about dozen various subclasses and is very important. There are also Pipes (of various kinds), Peers, RandezVous, SRDI, xindice (not to be confused with jakarta one), few CM some things, Document, Codats, Modules, Services, Applications, Memberships, IDs, Routers, Relays, Protocols etc. All this worthy abstractions are tangled in some complex and exciting ways that require ubercoder to make use of it. Every few days I try to be that ubercoder but after hour or so with JXTA my legs start to feel weak and then I go to work on something else. Is there any other Java P2P library for a lesser mortal to make use?"

MediaChannel: "MediaChannel is a media issues supersite, featuring criticism, breaking news, and investigative reporting from hundreds of organizations worldwide. As the media watch the world, we watch the media."

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