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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Niall's Suggestion

Niall Kennedy gave a great suggestion in the comments about using HTML's standard BLOCKQUOTE and Q tags along with the 'cite' attribute for Purple Include. Modifying what he suggested a bit, this is what it would look like:

<q cite=" of range...End of range)"></q>

He also provided a test page that showed some of what he was thinking (BTW, he ran into a known bug in Purple Include where if you include something from the same page twice the second time you just see the spinning icon -- I need to fix this).

Niall suggested using the 'title' attribute to hold the span; I want to keep the full address in the URL 'cite' attribute however for several reasons. One, it really is a full URL: the anchor at the end actually specifies a range within the document. Just as everything to the left of the anchor specifies a given file/resource to grab, everything after the anchor is an infile-address.

This will become more clear in later iterations as I tie this into granular addressability where you can "jump through" the quote into the larger document, causing the browser to scroll to this quoted text; creating "out-of-band" links where you can annotate and create links inside a document without having to change it even while someone is looking at it by specifying the ranges of where the links should be; and other fun hypertext geekiness/madness.

Alot of this hypertext work is just to have fun and see how far we can push the hypertext model on the web, finding out what stands and can be useful and what falls over, similar to how I was pushing Ajax in wierd/new directions around history, storage, offline, etc.

Soon I'll roll Niall's suggestions in and remove the 'href' attribute I was using before. Thanks for the great suggestion Niall!



My girlfriend made this through JibJab; since this is my blog and I can post annoying (but funny) things, I'm imposing this on the world :)

Those are our 2 cats (George and Bianca), and the gray one is a feral cat we feed who hangs around outside (Grayboy). The guy smoking the cigarette is me, and my girlfriend Bekka is the other person.

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(If you are reading this in an RSS feed click here to watch it -- it's funny, you'll like, trust me)

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