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Friday, September 30, 2005

Quick Tip for Flash/JavaScript Debugging

I'm doing some debugging where I script a hidden Flash file with JavaScript. A common problem in Flash development outside of the Flash IDE is how to report debug information in a real application, especially if the Flash file is hidden. Here's a little trick I use whenever I want to report some debug information; this creates a JavaScript popup box with the given message:

Inside of Flash:
getURL("javascript:alert('hello world!')");

If you want to print out some variable, you could do the following:


Permanent Client-Side Storage for AJAX Applications, Part I

Just a quick note: I've pretty much finished the permanent client side storage API I've been working on for O'Reilly. It uses a hidden Flash file, wrapped with a nice JavaScript API, to give AJAX applications the ability to store long term information. I'll post a beta on Monday. It's all open source and opens up the possibility of creating some very interesting web-based applications that weren't easily possible before. I'll be using this in my AJAX consulting (including the history and bookmarking framework I created last week) if companies are interested.

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