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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Douglas Engelbart's HyperScope Released

Douglas Engelbart's HyperScope, the project I've been working on the last half year as architect and implementor, is now out. I'm extremely excited about this system: it layers expanded, new hyperlinking abilities onto the existing web, working with existing technology, such as web browsers, Ajax, and OPML. HyperScope 1.0 is out the door and is real.

From the HyperScope web site:

"The HyperScope is a high-performance thought processor that enables you to navigate, view, and link to documents in sophisticated ways. It's the brainchild of Doug Engelbart, the inventor of hypertext and the mouse, and is the first step towards his larger vision for an Open Hyperdocument System.

The HyperScope is written in JavaScript using the Dojo toolkit and works in Firefox (recommended) and Internet Explorer. It uses OPML as its base file format. It is open source and available under the GPL."

A review of comments from the blogosphere on the project:

Read/Write Web has a great writeup:

hyperscopeBrad Neuberg has announced the release of HyperScope 1.0, a Web app based on tech legend Douglas Engelbart's 1968 NLS/Augment (oNLine System). Engelbart and team have been working on Hyperscope since March this year, in a project funded by the National Science Foundation. Its aim is to rebuild portions of Douglas Engelbart's NLS system on the web, using current Web technologies such as AJAX and DHTML.

See Slashdot's take on the system.

Dave Winer notes our OPML support:

ReadWriteWeb on Doug Engelbart's Hyperscope 1.0, a modern web app. Its native file format is OPML.

Here's an example of a Hyperscope document. View source reveals that it is an OPML document with a stylesheet.

See more coverage on the blogsphere with Technorati:

In-depth technical writeups of how we work with OPML are here: (a little bit out of date)

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