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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Presenting at Google Developer Day

Hi folks; I'll be talking today at the Google Developer Day on Dojo Offline + Google Gears integration down in San Jose. I'll be showing a prototype of integration, with some cool exciting functionality that I haven't discussed before. The combined Dojo Offline/Google Gears release will happen in a few weeks. My Google Dev Day presentation is at 4:30 PM, and is part of the Nuts and Bolts session near the end of the day (the GWT team will be there too). Google is helping to fund the Dojo Offline/Google Gears port, and I am consulting with them through SitePen.

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just saw your post on my reader feed and recognized you. nice meeting you today - good luck with the talk this afternoon! also, don't forget to tag your post with "gdd07" and "gdd07us" =P
Just got through watching you over the Google live feed at Great job!
I enjoyed your preso this afternoon--who knew you had such red hair? Seriously, I think the decision to move DojoOffline to Gears and partner with the G is a smart move that from the outside perhaps looks obvious but I know many techies have a hard time seeing that due to emotional investment.

One thing I think needs to be looked at is a way to share database manipulation code from the server side so one does not need to duplicate it in JavaScript. DRY, right?
Great meeting you at the after party at Google. Keep up the great work, and I'm really excited about gears/dojo interaction.

-Jon from Reel FX
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