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Monday, May 15, 2006

Moxie: Open Source Web Editor with Persistent Client-Side Storage and Offline Support

[Note: This blog post is out of date. For up to date information on Dojo Offline please see the official web page.]

I put up a big blog post a few weeks ago about, but I think one cool aspect got lost in that pretty technical, long post: Moxie.

Moxie is a demo of I created to show off the capabilities of and put it through it's paces. It is a web-based, rich text-editor that needs no server; instead, it can save your private files locally, up to megabytes of local, client-side data. Even better, it works offline.

Moxie works across the big three: IE 6+, Firefox, and Safari. It uses hidden Flash for the storage mechanism, but it uses Flash 6+ features, which are on 97% of the installed base of the Internet (Flash is one of the most installed pieces of software in the world).

Moxie is open source under a BSD license, and is in the Dojo Subversion repository (under trunk/demos/storage/). I'd love for folks to keep evolving it and adding more features, and publicize it some more so we can help QA test the underlying framework it uses.

Give Moxie a try!

Email me if you run into issues, and include your OS, browser, and Flash version.

Your Moxie is very very interesting. I have a small question? What is the minimum Dojo library requirement for activate storage?
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