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Friday, February 20, 2009

New Coworking Book Out + Google Tech Talk on Earth-Like Exoplanet Detection Posted

Hey folks, I've been super quiet lately. I'm either posting on Ajaxian these days or mostly hunkering down coding the SVG toolkit I'm building.

Two cool things: there is now a coworking book out, called "I'm Outta Here!" (I originally started coworking). Buy it now or check out the blog.

Also, I invited Travis Metcalfe, an astrophysics researcher, to give a tech talk at Google recently entitled "Sounding the Stars With Genetic Algorithms" on his unique work involving earth-like exoplanets. The tech talk is now up on Youtube.

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Brad, thanks for the shout-out about the book. This was the post (your post) -- -- that started it all. Congratulations! It's gone world-wide!
@Bandit: Thanks Bandit! The book looks awesome; I can't wait to get it and read it! Congrats on releasing it.
What an odd confluence. A buddy of mine mentioned coworking about a week ago, now I found that you started it...
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