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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Open Web Developer Network IRC Meeting for September 16th, 2009 Summary

We had another IRC meeting for the Open Web Developer Network ( today. Here's a short summary for those that missed it:

This was a work meeting, with people working on while in IRC. Initial focus for 0.1 will be Doctype (reference section); View Source (demos + cookbook section); and State of the Open Web (initially an aggregator section). Chris Messina is working on mockups of the home page, Doctype, and View Source. One tension in terms of design is that Mediawiki is ugly and difficult to skin; once we have a design Brad has volunteered to do the actual coding. The Mediawiki Foundation was going to host our wiki, but there is concern on their part in terms of the customization we want to do and hosting third-party code within their cluster. Brad will continue to investigate commercial Mediawiki options and might set up an instance on his web host and point to it for now. Brad will also begin to create sample content for View Source to understand what is needed there. Next meetup will be a few weeks after the SVG Open conference which is in two weeks and which will keep Brad occupied for the next two weeks. Scheduling for the next meeting will happen after SVG Open (beginning of October).

Full IRC log at

Current proposal:

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New SVG Web Release: Umber Hulk

Hear ye! Hear ye! The SVG Web team has pushed out another release, code named Umber Hulk:

Umber Hulk: "A human-shaped creature with gaping maws flanked by pairs of exceedingly sharp mandibles. Despite their bestial appearance, umber hulks possess a significant intelligence and language of their own."

Notable highlights of this release:
and much much more. Special thanks to the many people who helped with this one:
Full list of bugs knocked out in this release:
Please keep in mind SVG Web is still in alpha.

Learn more:

About SVG Web and SVG:

SVG Web is a JavaScript library which provides SVG support on many browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Using the library plus native SVG support you can instantly target close to 100% of the existing installed web base. SVG itself stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, an open standard that is part of the HTML 5 family of technologies for interactive, search-engine friendly web vector graphics.

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