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Friday, December 28, 2007

Community Checklist

Alright, I'm going to give this new Purple Include quote stuff a try.

I promise this is not "Let's blog about Robert Scoble day," but, I guess it is :)

I just saw a great post by Scoble about how the Google Reader team could have prepped the community better before releasing a controversial new feature. Using some great advice from Read/Write Web, he asks:

(The stuff above was grabbed using Purple Include; now if I could have just hidden this parenthetical aside using Stretch Text.... future project... BTW, if you are reading this in an RSS reader Purple Includes don't work in my feeds yet -- see Scoble's original post to view the list)

I really like the list that Scoble & Read/Write Web provide. In fact, I've turned it into a checklist of things I should make sure to try to do when working with the community around Gears when there is a significant new feature:
I'm printing this list out and putting it up on my wall here at Google.

Disclaimer: As always, I speak for myself and not my employer, Google.

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Now that I've joined Google as a Developer Advocate for Google Gears, blogging is one of my jobs on the Google Gears and Google Code blogs. I'm realizing how different it is to blog on this blog versus the Google ones. Its also causing me to gain much more respect for Robert Scoble. Robert Scoble was an evangelist at Microsoft, a role not unlike the Developer Advocate one I have at Google. I'm now realizing what a tremendous amount of personal integrity and bravery he must have had to blog about many of the things he did, as a change agent at Microsoft. Its a different view blogging from the inside versus blogging from the outside. I know Robert might have been controversial sometimes, but he always put his neck out with honesty and integrity. A tip of the hit to a fellow blogger and evangelist.

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